Our Services

At Michigan-Wisconsin Family Practice, we are devoted to providing our community with outstanding personalized care. We offer a wide range of primary care services including:

    • infant, child and adolescent care including:
      • immunizations* - CDC Immunization Schedule
      • newborn care
      • wellness exams
      • sports physicals
      • medication management
      • same day urgent care visits (sore throat, ear infection, UTI, rash, etc.)
    • adult care including:
      • preventative care (ordering appropriate preventative labs, imaging and procedures)
      • physical exams
      • women’s health
      • medication management
      • diabetic care
      • vaccinations*
      • chronic care management
      • same day urgent care visits (upper respiratory infection, UTI, rash, etc)
      • end of life care – in coordination with area home health or hospice when needed
    • minor procedures including:
      • IUD insertion and removal
      • newborn circumcision
      • wart treatment
      • skin tag and mole removal
      • joint injections
      • ear cleaning


As family care providers, we strive to care for the patient as a whole. We know how much your health can impact all aspects of your life and we work with you to achieve the best quality of life possible.


*Vaccinations – We do follow and recommend our patients follow CDC guidelines regarding vaccinations. Proper vaccination is one of the most effective safety measures we can take to help improve everyone’s health worldwide.


Hospital Care

If any of our patients are admitted to Dickinson County Hospital, we are able to care for them personally. We find that our patients are best cared for by the provider most familiar with their health – their primary care physician. A team of specialists and surgeons are available for consultation if needed.

Newborn Care

If you would like for one of our doctors to care for your newborn both in the hospital and as their primary doctor, be sure you let your OB provider know.